19. May 2023 Emre Bicer

Körber trade fair stand at the transport logistic in Munich

Körber’s trade fair stand at this year’s transport logistic in Munich was a great example of how it’s possible to fit everything important into a small space.  

The counter and workstation with information material stood out visually from the meeting area thanks to the colorful repetition of the Körber blue on the floor, the wall graphic and the banner. A compact booth with indispensable storage space was also implemented. Above all, the booth was sustainable! Special designs, such as the workstation and the 3D logo, were already used for this year’s LogiMAT in Stuttgart. Körber placed particular emphasis on ensuring that no matter how spacious or compact the booth was, it conveyed the Körber “look and feel”, which we successfully achieved.  

The leading international trade fair for logistics, mobility, IT and supply chain management takes place every two years in Munich. During the four days of transport logistic, visitors can experience innovative systems, technologies and products as well as concentrated expert knowledge.  

Körber Supply Chain Consulting GmbH is a software developer based in Bad Nauheim and is part of Körber AG, an international technology group with more than 100 locations worldwide and around 12,000 employees. Körber’s Supply Chain Business Area offers a wide range of technologies tailored to customers’ individual needs, business strategies and growth plans. The offering includes not only software, but also automation solutions, voice and robotics systems, and materials handling technology. Körber’s systems integration expertise makes it possible to link all solutions together.