Booth wall

Successful showcase for your company

At a trade show you present not only a specific product or service but at the same time you are representing your company. Your exhibition stand should be top quality and in state-of-the-art design. There are no limits set for the design concept and together with our developers and designers you have every possibility to differentiate your booth totally from those of your competitors, a sure way to gain competitive advantage.

Easy handling provides flexibility as a particular advantage of this wall element. Numerous design features can be incorporated in the wall element, making your stand a special highlight for guests and visitors.

Individual use for booth wall elements

A booth wall for an exhibition stand can be used in many different ways. Various sizes and forms enable us to create an exhibition highlight. Wall elements for trade show stands are available in classic or modern forms. They can be used individually, allow frequent assembly and dismantling, and always look fantastic.

An innovative plug-in system enables walls of various sizes. Their low weight allows them to be packed together in relatively space-saving form for quick and easy transport.

The booth wall is suitable for all branches

The mobile booth wall is ideal for numerous purposes. For example:

– as an interesting advertising placard in front of your company,
– as a highlight for promotions or
– as a design element in the entrance area.

We provide exhibition booth walls in a number of different forms, suitable for small events but also for major trade shows. The booth wall is a highlight at any trade show, event or exhibition in all branches of industry.

The alternative to an exhibition stand

At a trade show, it is not always a complete exhibition stand that attracts visitors. Interesting booth walls can often create an excellent alternative, particularly if there is not so much space available.

In front of the booth wall, bar tables to stand at can often provide an ideal opportunity to present company brochures and engage in conversation with visitors and customers. Such a wall can make even the smallest space a showcase for your and your company’s creativity.

The booth wall and the extremely versatile wall elements are ideal, especially if you are travelling around from one trade show to another. A well-designed wall of information gives you the opportunity to present your message, attracting all those who see it.


Individual booth wall elements for
extraordinary events., experience rooms., showrooms.

bee is your experienced and reliable exhibition and event partner in all project phases.


Super versatile selection of walls for exhibition booths

Mobile booth walls for trade shows and events are available these days in a great variety of forms. You have the choice of traditional straight partitions or curved walls. Corner unit systems also provide an excellent variation of a booth wall.

The company message you wish to convey may, of course, be designed with maximum effect on the booth walls. We would be delighted to advise you in designing bespoke eye-catchers on stand partitions that have magical appeal to potential customers. Visitors always linger in front of a well-designed booth wall, thus making it easy for you to enter into conversation with them. In a totally relaxed atmosphere, you have the chance to answer questions about your products or to make new contacts.

As experienced exhibition stand specialists, we would be delighted to give you the benefit of our advice and draw up a non-binding proposal for your new exhibition wall.