Exhibition Coaching

Preparing your stand personnel for the trade show

At any trade show it is essential for a company to be better than its competitors. Here, customers have the possibility of a direct comparison with your competitor companies. There is only one winner! For this reason exhibition coaching today is more important than ever before. Your stand personnel play a crucial role in the attainment of your goals for the trade show.

Exhibition coaching for your success

With our professional exhibition coaching, your stand personnel are made aware of the specific situation and new challenges they deal with at a trade show. Visitors do not come simply to look at an interesting stand. They want to communicate and they want information on products and services. This is the responsibility of your qualified stand personnel during the trade show.

The exhibition stand is the platform for your employees. With our comprehensive exhibition coaching we, as a national and international exhibition stand specialist, ensure that your stand staff are able to quickly recognize visitors and new customers. We analyze the interest and commitment of your personnel in their work and their approaches to visitors.

Advantages for your employees

It is a fact that untrained and unprofessional employees are not only annoying to customers but are also a catastrophe for your company. Experts have established that only 10 % of all visitors to trade shows were able to find the right partner for discussion.

Let your employees become actors who make your visitors and customers feel welcome. Your employees bring their specialist knowledge to the table. With our exhibition coaching, we show your employees how to turn your trade show appearance into a real success.

When your employees feel up to their tasks at the trade show they simply radiate confidence and assurance. This goes down well with all visitors and customers at trade shows today.

Confidence can be learned

Not every excellent specialist in their branch is able to approach unknown people. Paul Watzlawick, now deceased Austrian psychotherapist, established that it is not possible to “not communicate”. #

The attitude of your employees shows us right from the start if they are up to their tasks on the exhibition stand. Let us work together on attitude and stance taken towards the trade show in order to make it a success for your company.

Even small practice exercises and video analyses result in changes in the body language of your employees. So in the future they will be able to approach interested visitors and customers in a much more open and positive way. Communication training helps your employees to direct the conversation to certain facts. They gain confidence and at the same time they begin to enjoy their activities on the stand. Exhibition coaching also includes practice-related techniques for successful sales talks.

Professionalism on the trade show stand through coaching

Our coaching gives your employees such self confidence that they will already look forward to your next trade show. They now have the chance to focus on the most important targets of the trade show. They can dedicate themselves to customer acquisition and at the same time learn when a conversation with a visitor, however pleasant, is unproductive and should be ended in a friendly way.