Trade Show Training

The trade show business is becoming ever more demanding for everyone, and is often almost exclusively governed by economic aspects. The high art of selling combined with global competitive conditions are challenges for the motivation, competence and soft skills of your employees and the stand teams.

In cooperation with our qualified partner we offer you trade show training sessions, seminars, coaching and more, tailored to meet the individual and specific demands of your concept and your expectations. We support you in communicating the special features of your company and brand in line with your target. As well as training sessions in German and English, we also provide other special languages you require.

Our methods include the field of interactive knowledge transfer. Theoretical input is provided when it is necessary for understanding the practical training. Every training course guarantees you and your employees professional development with real added value!

Our exhibition training offer

Quality – top quality further training by consultants with many years of qualified experience and branch knowledge, tutors with the latest levels of knowledge, and overall supervision.

Individuality – no run-of-the-mill concepts, we take the specific requirements of your branch into account.

Trust – absolute discretion.

Practice orientation – role play, analyses, discussions and examples from practice provide the necessary feeling for typical exhibition stand situations and how to deal with them.

Experience – no boring trainings and workshops, we offer you further training that stays in the mind. A positive learning experience is a precondition for a sustainable learning experience.

Trade show training – success can be learned

Success at a trade show is closely connected with the skills of the personnel on your stand. But not only professional abilities are required for a trade show stand. Numerous other competences are crucial for success.

What are the benefits of exhibition training?

With our coaching, we want to equip your employees with a variety of skills. These include:

– communication appropriate to the situation,
– quick assessment of visitors to the stand and
– efficient conducting of talks.

Making numerous contacts

In order to attain the greatest benefit from your appearance at the exhibition, it is important to establish many productive contacts. For this reason, you should definitely make stand training available to your personnel in preparation for the trade show. With our customized exhibition training, your employees will be in a position to set up as many valuable contacts as possible.

Companies invest a great deal of time, money and energy in the creation of a trade show stand. Training of personnel for the stand often gets neglected. That is why we designed our trade show training, which is regularly updated to meet changing conditions in the market.

The objective of exhibition training is not only to increase the number of contacts at your trade show but in particular also their quality.

Exhibition training as optimum exhibition preparation

Thanks to the combined expertise of us as exhibition stand specialists and our trainer, significant progress will already be seen at the next trade show. Immediately after exhibition training, your stand personnel will be in a position to put their new knowledge into practice using the simple techniques they have mastered. Sometimes it is only the little things that turn a pleasant conversation partner into a new customer.

You and your company will benefit from our knowledge, tried and tested in practice over many years. Our qualified exhibition trainers pass on their skill to your employees in compact and understandable form.

Our trade show training offers targeted individual solutions to cater to your company circumstances. We provide your employees with practice-oriented solutions that can be implemented immediately.

How does exhibition training work

In most cases, we carry out the training in your company. In prior discussions, you specify the content that is important for you in preparing your trade show and the aspects we should focus on with your employees.

Contents for exhibition training are versatile and range from entering initial conversations with visitors or the generation of leads through to professional sales methods.

Exhibition coaching at the stand

On request, coaching may also take place at the trade show. During the trade show, we take the opportunity to analyze the conduct of your personnel and to make any immediate corrections. Such quick response contributes to the optimum success of your trade show stand whilst the show is still running.

By means of our bespoke exhibition training we enable your employees to recognize customers, visitors and interested parties and by means of appropriate conversation tactics to give the right information to potential customers as well as to note and pass on important data and facts regarding possible customers.