14. July 2023 Sabrina Schultheis

Our annual bee summer festival 2023

Today was our annual summer party for the whole bee family. Not only were all employees invited, but also their partners and children.

Already in the afternoon, the refreshing cold drinks as well as various activities such as a football table, the game of skill Gisa or the self-built ladder golf, which is also played extensively during the lunch breaks.

If you wanted to take it a bit quieter, you could make yourself comfortable in the lounge corner with deck chairs or try the self-made XXL exhibition stand memory. Here you could also enjoy the sunset wonderfully.

The food trucks with pizzas and burgers were highly sought after despite the high summer temperatures. The ice cream truck was the absolute highlight for all ages. Many thanks to @roadtonapoli and @donnarummogianni for the great catering!

Want to join us next time? 😉 Click here for our job postings!