9. August 2023 Sabrina Schultheis

Transcend Roadshow by OMEN in Dresden

Next Stop: Dresden! We are very pleased to be with OMEN at the second stop of the Germany-wide Transcend Roadshow today. This one can also be found at Mediamarkt Saturn. Together with @katazuri and @lostkittn, gamers can test OMEN’s high-end products until the keys and cables glow! The Infinity Room is also in use again in Dresden. Are you as enthusiastic as our Rafael? 😉

After Dresden we continue to our beautiful capital Berlin, followed by Cologne. The crowning conclusion of the roadshow is from 23.-27.08. at Gamescom in the Cologne exhibition halls.

The US printer and PC manufacturer HP Inc. (Hewlett-Packard) has launched its own gaming brand with OMEN. In the information technology industry, HP is one of the most profitable companies worldwide.