31. January 2023 Emre Bicer

Exhibition stand for MALINA SOLAR at the real estate fair Franken in Bamberg

Last weekend we built a booth for our client MALINA SOLAR at the real estate fair Franken in Bamberg. The regional trade fair around the topic real estate, extension & reconstruction, renovation and energy took place in the Brose Arena in Bamberg.   

Although it was only a regional trade fair, the booth had to be designed in a sophisticated and high-quality way. This is where we came into the game and handled the job more than satisfactorily.    

The dark portal through which visitors had to pass to enter the booth was meant to reflect the old world of power generation through coal mining. Behind the portal, a bright and clean world then opened up to visitors, illuminated by solar energy.   

We used LED installations to explain the products of MALINA SOLAR. The company from Nuremberg is a manufacturer of photovoltaic systems, storage solutions and wallboxes.